Covid-19 has changed the way we do things, but it hasn't changed the heart of what we do.

COVID -19 Campus Safety
Maintaining a healthy and safe environment is more important than ever. Changes to campus buildings and outdoor spaces enable members of our campus community to use our spaces responsibly. The dash board is updated with advisory given by Government, PCI, WHO, FIP, FAPA , ICMR from time to time.

All classrooms and Labs have been adjusted to reduce density and allow for physical distancing as per guidelines given by the Government.. A COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy is posted at each classroom and Lab. Classroom furniture has been adjusted to match the COVID-19 Safety Max Occupancy and to allow for all students and faculty to maintain physical distancing during class.

Custodial Services will clean and disinfect classrooms and labs daily. Common spaces, including bathrooms, and high-touch points in the building will be disinfected several times each day. VIPS has provided Disinfecting supplies (wipes or spray disinfectant) in each classroom and lab to allow faculty and students to clean individual surfaces (podiums, tables, desks, etc.) upon arrival and departure.

Face coverings must be worn during in-person instruction in classrooms. Students should sit in the same seats for each class to assist in the event of contact tracing.

Restrooms, Elevators, and Stairwells:
All the restrooms, Elevators and stairwells are sanitized regularly and fumigated every day. Hand sanitizers are placed at these shared spaces.

Working and living on campus requires the use of shared spaces, such as restrooms, elevators, and stairwells. In any public or shared space, the health and safety measures of wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distancing, and washing hands will reduce exposure during interactions.

When using restrooms, maintain physical distancing even if this means waiting outside the restroom until others exit. Always wear a face covering, and do not place personal items directly on counters. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, and do not linger inside the space after finishing using the restroom.

Elevator use must adhere with posted capacities to ensure physical distancing. Individuals with disabilities have priority for elevators. Anyone who is physically able to use stairs should do so whenever possible, leaving elevators for those who must use them. Maintain physical distancing while waiting to board an elevator.

When using stairs, stay to the right side while ascending or descending to allow for proper traffic flow. Do not congregate with others in entrances, exit areas, or hallways. If waiting in specific locations is necessary, maintain physical distancing from others. Follow instructions if signage has been posted to mark directional travel paths or waiting locations.

Covid-19 Services rendered by VIPS:

  • Covid-19 tests carried out in entire campus for both staff and students
  • Conducted classes online and participated in seminars
  • Served as Covid warriors in Government hospital
  • Disinfectant chamber (Sanitizer) installed in the campus at entrance
  • Usage of Sanitizers and thermo check continuously throughout all the das
  • Strict implementation of Face mask and Physical distancing.
  • Covid-19 Centre with 20 Beds and Oxygen Concentrator

Covid-19 Adisory

COVID -19 Safety Measures:

COVID-19 Safety Measures : Testing to all the students and staff in campus

VIPS Students Served as COVID Warriors in Govt

VIPS Staff Participation in Online Seminars

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