Student Support

Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is fully committed to supporting its undergraduate and post graduate students. VIPS offers numerous services to assist students in their academic pursuits. However, if the student is facing any trouble academically, then student must take the initiative by seeking out the resources available to help. The various services offered by VIPS towards student support were given in detail under different heads.

Few of our primary student supportive initiatives are mentioned below:

  • Academics � mentoring with Student support Advisors
  • Examinations, R&D, Placements, Scholarships, Extra-curricular activities
  • Services for students with Disabilities:
    VIPS is committed to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals. A service to students with disabilities recognizes disability as an integral part of diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable educational environment. We have provided elevator accessible all the time for disabled students at priority, faculty to assist them and facility services whenever in need.
Support during Extra ordinary circumstances:
Student support is here to support and assist students who are navigating through the challenging times in extra ordinary situations hampering academic stream. We at VIPS encourage students to complete course requirements efficiently with the alternative arrangements made as per the guidelines of government and regulatory bodies and extend full support till the situation become new normal. During Covid-19 pandemic period, VIPS extended its support to the students in the best possible way with empathetic approach. To name few - Notify instructors of an absence, or explain how to withdraw from classes due to Covid-19, Absence Notification, Academic Flexibility, Medical Withdrawal, Online Classes, Online Internal Assessment, usage of digital platform and resources, etc.,

International Students:
During these challenging times, please be aware that the staff of VIPS are here to assist students not only with navigating immigration and visa issues, but also with other questions and concerns about student well- being and�adjustment.

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