Alumni Association is formed with the sole objective of bringing all the VIPSians on to a common platform for mutual benefits. The 1 st batch of students has rolled out of the institution in 2012. Since then, over 500 students are passed out of this institution and occupied various positions in the organizations not only in India but also all over the world. The association became active since 2013 under the stewardship of Principal Dr. T.V.Narayana and Mentor Mr.T.Udaybhasakar. The 1 st meet was held on 2013, since then 3 meets were held.


  • To develop interaction or help to increase interaction between the Institute and alumni and also between present students and alumni of the institute.
  • Enhance, modernize the existing facilities at the institute and provide industrial training, student internships, placement and other facilities to the present students
  • Organise value added activities to the students such as personality development, guest lectures, seminars, research , Professional activities etc.
  • Grant scholarships for needy students and to arrange to provide loans and other monetary and non-monetary assistance for deserving students for higher education.
  • Provide consultations, services, testing facilities to industries associated with alumni.
  • Encourage educational, cultural, sports and other activities
  • Publish journals, newsletters, books and other professional materials for circulation among its members.
  • Assist the faculty and students of in various value-added activities like curriculum development, sponsored research projects, case study development, etc.
  • Extend possible Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service to the local community.
  • Help and encourage the alumni to achieve their professional goals.
  • Help the institution for establishing a centre of excellence through the support of Alumni.

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