Equipment & Instruments

The institute maintains a separate machine room equipped with various machines used in Pharmaceutical industry at different stages of production and quality control by which the students are exposed to the usage of latest machinery used in industry. Some of the important instruments equipped are 10 station automatic tablet machine (Rimek), Kalweka with all accessories, Tray drier, Stability chamber, Vacuum oven, Rotary flash evaporator, Homogenisers, 8 Basket dissolution apparatus (Lab-India), HPLC, Infra-Red Spectrometer, UV spectrophotometer-1400, Viscometer, I.R-Moisture Balance, K.F Titrator, Flame photometer, Electronic Balances, Rotarod, Actophotometer, Histamine chamber, Pole climbing apparatus, Physiograph, BOD Incubator, Laminar Bench, Bottle filling & Sealing machine, Pfizer hardness tester, Millipore filters, etc. Multi media projector, OHP, slide projectors are installed wherever necessary.

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