Campus Life



You�re not just choosing a school � you�re choosing a home.
Students who live in VIPS Housing appreciate the comfort and convenience of living on campus because it can accommodate a variety of lifestyle preferences.


Campus Dining

Food, Folks and Fun
VIPS Dining offers variety of options to match your appetite. It serves freshly prepared items for guests and students, catering especially to the students who live in VIPS Housing with hygienic and delicious food


Student Activities

Adding fun learning to your life.
Involvement in Student Life is essential in making VIPS Campus life a valuable experience. We support students to participate in all the activities and learn from those experiences.


Student Clubs and Committees

Creating a community of learners and responsible global citizens.
We encourage students to join clubs and committee�s that would build students Networking, Social opportunities, Professional experience, leadership skills and personal development. We at VIPS have introduced finest practices like
  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • Grievance redressal Committee
  • Internal Complaint Committee
  • SC-ST Committee
For providing the best environment to our students.



Satisfy the Thirst of Knowledge
Library plays a vital role in the development of any society by enhancing the cause of education and academic research. VIPS Library provides fully integrated and dynamic environment suited for academic research for the students and staff, by augmenting traditional print and electronic resources.


Campus Safety

Your Safety is our NO.1 priority.
We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for our staff and students. VIPS is known for integrating the best practices of public and private security, law enforcement, fire safety and sanitization.


Activities in VIPS Campus

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