Institute Learning Management System (ILMS)

VIPS has introduced new system of learning management to all the staff with the support of agency vmedulife software services. ILMS (Institute Learning Management System) is accessible to every faculty member of the institute via secured login.

ILMS enables faculty members in many ways:

  • Faculty members manage the complete teaching-learning process through digital mode
  • Assist in conducting day-to-day online classes to students.
  • Assist in conducting online examinations to students,
  • Conduct assignments consisting of MCQ,
  • Conduct descriptive, short answer type of questions.
ILMS Ensures:
  • Every activity is followed with student's feedback via ILMS.
  • Based on student learning levels, faculties can design differential assignments for slow as well as advanced learners.
  • Graphical analysis of every assignment, exam, and online session enables faculty members to self-analysis.
  • The Mentoring module provides a detailed summary of every student from the date of admission.

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