The Infrastructure has a separate Library with open access facility for students. The college has well-equipped central library with all the modern facilities. The library has various sections like reading room, circulation section, journals section, reference section, bound volume section, discussion room, audio video room, digital library, reprographic section, etc. The Library is well equipped with sufficient volumes of books, periodicals and journals, networked computer with Internet facility and CD-bank. The library is continuously updated with latest editions. The Library is stocked with 8000 plus text books in addition to 1000 plus reference books and updated annually with latest editions. The library is having Helinet facility that will give access to the latest periodicals, Magazines, Papers and books of Pharmacy. The reference section of the library is equipped with important reference books, literature, pharmacy syllabi and previous question papers that will help the students during their period of study. Photo copying machine is installed in the library for the usage of the students. The library is opened for the students from 9am to 5pm on all the working day and on Sundays it is open from 10am to 1 noon. There is also a book bank facility for needy students to borrow the books for the entire semester. Library has LIBSOFT Library management Software to facilitate smooth functioning of the Library. Digital Library is established to access on line database and online Journals. Air-conditioned Audio/Visual room also setup for seminars/workshops. Discussion room with white board facility is also provided. Photocopying/printout facilities are available.

Student Learning corner

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